chapter 4: the vacation

One evening, Butters saw Mommy packing some bags.  Butters did not like to see Mommy packing bags — it usually meant that Mommy was going away and leaving her!  Butters started barking at the bags and crying.  But Mommy said, “Look, Butters — I’m packing a bag for you, too.  We’re going on vacation!”

Butters watched Mommy as she packed up her bowls, toys and other things.  Butters had gone to the beach with Mommy and Grandma once, but this was different.  Mommy said they were going to a place called New Hampshire with two of Mommy’s friends from law school.  Butters and Mommy woke up very early and went to Mommy’s friend’s house, and then the four girls drove and drove and drove and drove and drove to New Hampshire.

When they got to the house in New Hampshire, Mommy’s friend got out of the car and said, “I think there’s another corgi here!”  Lo and behold, before Butters could even get out of the car, another corgi ran across the lawn.  Butters ran and played and barked and frapped with the other corgi, whose name was Gus!


What a handsome boy! This vacation was already quite something! Butters settled in and looked around the house.  She had a big front porch, a big yard and a screened-in back porch, and was determined to sniff and explore every inch!





So far, vacation was pretty exciting.  As Butters settled in and made herself at home, Mommy brought in all of Butters’ things and set them up around the house: her water and food bowls went in the kitchen, her bed went upstairs and her playpen went in the living room.  The playpen was new, Mommy had gotten it specifically for vacation.  Butters knew she would stay in there while Mommy and her friends went out hiking or to get dinner.  She decided she would be a very, very good girl so that Mommy would always want to take her on vacation.

Of course, Butters wasn’t left at the house very often.  Mommy said, “Butters, this is your vacation, too!  You need to see New Hampshire!”  So, off Butters went, to explore the Granite State.  She saw mountains and lakes and beautiful, old covered bridges.


Ashuelot Bridge, Ashuelot, NH



Butters also got to go on a hike, just like Mommy and her friends!

ready for my hike!

ready for my hike!

don't forget to bring my snacks!

don’t forget to bring my snacks

Butters walked and walked and walked and walked through the woods on her hike with Mommy.  She leapt over streams,  climbed on hewn tree trunks and even kept going in the rain!  Mommy was very proud of Butters, who walked a very long way on her tiny little legs.  Once the hike was finished, Mommy gave Butters some treats, and Butters was almost too tired to eat them!  But Butters was never too tired for treats — she gobbled them up and then it was time to rest.


it was a long day

it was a long day

The next day, Butters and Mommy drove back home and vacation was over.  “Butters, did you have a nice vacation,” Mommy asked.  Butters thought about it for a minute.  Vacation was fun!  She saw new places, met new people (and dogs!), tried new things and got more treats than usual!  But the more Butters thought about her vacation, the more she thought that the very best part was spending extra time with family and friends, and she knew that Mommy would agree.


3 thoughts on “chapter 4: the vacation

  1. Poornimair,
    I love your blog about Butters. It is so adorable. I have a few people that I am going to share it with. P.S. It was so nice to meet you. I wish you well in all of life’s journeys and I hope that our paths cross again( especially the “gentle” ones”. nancy

    • nancy, thank you so much for checking out miss butters’ adventures! i don’t get to write new stories as much as I would like, but hopefully what i put up there is good. it was likewise great meeting you this weekend, and i certainly hope we meet again. let me know the next time you guys sign up for one of these things! stay well and keep us informed on your (and your pack’s!) adventures. cheers, poornima

  2. Poornima,
    Just saw this reply. Yes, we will let you know if we sign up again. I did tell a relative named Jennifer and her son Javier about your blog. If they leave a message, you’ll know it was through me. Be well. Nancy

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