chapter 3: the special day

“Butters,” said Mommy, “today is a special day.”  Butters cocked her head to one side and looked up at Mommy.  What was she talking about?  Mommy was dressed for work, so she wasn’t staying home to play.  What could be special about today?

Mommy thought back to the day, two years ago, that she had gone to pick up Butters in the city.  A few weeks earlier, she had gotten an e-mail forwarded from Aunt Priya with a subject line that read “Looking for a new home for Butters.”  It went something like this:

Butters is a four-year-old Pembroke Corgi who is friendly and personable dog who needs a new home ….  An extremely friendly girl, Butters loves to snuggle and cuddle and would be the absolutely perfect addition to a loving home.

Someone was looking for a new home for a corgi!  Mommy thought about it — she had always wanted a dog, but it seemed like a lot of work, time and, well, trouble!  But Mommy was taken with the photos of Butters attached to the e-mail and so she talked to her family and friends.  One of Mommy’s friends (Aunt Michele!) said there was no reason Mommy couldn’t give a dog a good home.  Aunt Priya and Uncle Geoff thought it was a good idea, too.  So, Mommy went to the city and brought Butters to wonderland.


just another day in wonderland ….

Mommy looked down at Butters, who was still wondering why today was so special.  For two years, Butters had certainly proven to be a bit of extra work, had taken up a lot of time and was, well, trouble (in a good way)!  But Mommy wouldn’t have it any other way.  So she knelt down, looked into Butters’ face and said, “Butters, every day with you is a special day.”


Mommy and Butters at LBI


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