This is the story of a Welsh Pembroke Corgi named Butters.  The beginning of her story has been strung together in bits and pieces, but it seems to go something like this: Butters was born to a breeder in the country and was soon thereafter promised to a young family.  She got off to a rough start when her brother Peanut bit her nose — she bears the scar to this day!  She was happy to go home with the family, where she thought she would run, play and snuggle for the rest of her days.  All was well, but something seemed to be missing.  Then, suddenly, her family went away.  Butters was bewildered — had she done something wrong?  Why had the family abandoned her?  Butters moved to the city with a nice young man.  The young man was very kind, but something still seemed to be missing.  He was very busy with work and when he wasn’t working, he wanted to go out and play late at night in the big city … without Butters.

Then, one winter day, Butters got a visitor.  A lady with black hair came to the city and took Butters for a walk out in the newly fallen snow — her favorite!  After their walk, the lady packed up Butters and all her things, put her in a car and started to drive.  And drive and drive and drive.  When she finally got out of the car, Butters looked around.  She had no idea where she was, but by day’s end she knew one thing for certain: she was home!  And the black-haired lady was the person she had been missing all along.  She was in wonderland, and her adventures could finally begin ….

all photos © poornima ravishankar 2011-2012


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