chapter 1: family

Butters’ first adventure in wonderland was getting to know her new family.

There was, of course, the black-haired lady, who called herself mommy.  

Mommy loved snuggling, and so did Butters.  Mommy loved playing in the snow, and so did Butters.  Mommy hated walking outside on hot days, and so did Butters.  Most days, mommy would leave in the morning and come back in the evening.  Butters soon recognized the sound of mommy’s car when it drove into the parking lot at Butters’ house in the evening.  Her ears would perk up and her rear, where there was no tail, would wag and wiggle in anticipation.  Moments later, the front door would open.  Butters always looked over expectantly, and mommy would look back at her.  Then, mommy would whisper, “Butters!”  And Butters would run over at full speed to show mommy how much she had missed her.






There was grandma, whose house Butters visited so often that it was often referred to as “Butters’ country home.” Grandma was a great snuggler, too, and gave Butters lots of love and affection.  Butters would also stay with grandma sometimes when mommy went on vacation.





Butters’ grandpa lived far away from wonderland, in a place called California, but he visited often.  Although she was afraid of him at first, grandpa gave Butters lots of treats, belly rubs and love, and Butters soon grew to love him, too.

Butters with her grandma and grandpa on a formal occasion










Butters soon discovered that Aunt Priya was a championship napper, and she often plopped herself atop her to take a nap as well. Butters loved napping, and so did her whole family.  Aunt Priya also liked to pick Butters up, “like a barrel,” she would say.






And of course, there was Uncle Geoff — Butters met him on her first day in wonderland and loved him immediately.  She could tell right away that he was warm, kind and generous.  Over the days, weeks and months, she came to learn that he would give her lots of treats and the best belly rubs in the world.








And so, Butters basked in the love and attention she received from her new family.


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